Thinking Aloud

This site is a home for Paul Wilson's educational activities, both mathematical and theological.

In both areas, I am convinced that thinking aloud is seriously helpful.


The two main activities on this site are both currently offered online, using ZOOM.

  • MALT stands for Maths A-Level Tuition.
  • LOGOS is a theological study group.

Both activities encourage 'thinking outside the box.'  There may be face-to-face versions of these in the future, depending on what happens with Covid-19.

Paul Wilson

studied Mathematics at Leeds, Education at Nottingham and Theology at Durham.  He has a first in Mathematics, Master's degrees in Pure Mathematics and Theology, and a PGCE. 

He taught A-level Maths and Further Maths for over 40 years, mainly at Bede Sixth Form College, Billingham, and loved it. 

Following his retirement, he continued teaching maths, including the local STEP Programme.  He also did some face-to-face private tuition (before lock-down).


FB Messenger: @RealMALT
Text: 07722 983 888. 
You might even catch me by phone, but it's a bit hit-and-miss!


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