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which comes in 2 main forms, and a taster session, all online using ZOOM. 
I am also open to enquiries about tuition for STEP, MAT and TMUA (see SUPERMALT below).


One-to-one tuition for A-level Maths or Further Maths, one hour per week, online using Zoom.

This costs £35 per hour.  I will consider requests for face to face tuition after lockdown, but it is more expensive and offers no real advantage.


Small group tuition (three to six) all studying A-level Maths.  This is ideal for a group of friends of similar ability in the same year group (Y12 or Y13). One hour per week.
Cost: £15 per student per hour, paid monthly online in advance.


For students who want to start A-level Maths or Further Maths but whose GCSE course has been affected by COVID19, we can build a course to bridge the gap, either one-to-one or as a small group.  This could be at the end of Y11 or the start of Y12.


Just a taste, to see whether you want to enrol.  We will discuss an A-level question online, using Zoom.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free during 2021.
Normal Cost: £10 for 30 minutes.


Tuition for more demanding examinations, such as STEP, MAT, TMUA.  These are sometimes required entry qualifications for universities such as Cambridge, Warwick or Oxford, who are looking for evidence of deeper mathematical insight.  Longer sessions of 90 minutes or 2 hours @ £40 per hour by arrangement.


You will need a computer or tablet connected to the internet, with a camera, microphone and speakers or headphones.  A mobile phone will probably be too small.  If you are not familiar with Zoom, you can watch an introduction here.  Your microphone and speakers will be on throughout the session, so you need a quiet environment.
Increasingly, students are using a graphic tablet during tutorials.  These are quite cheap (£30 to £50) and enrich the sessions greatly.


Students begin by filling in a checklist of topics they have covered and are happy with or struggling.  If there are no gaps or specific requests, I do not intend to teach much new content.  Rather, tuition will be geared towards the A-level exams, and we will address real exam questions as early as possible.  For Y12 students, this will begin with AS papers.


Most tuition is evening or weekends, but daytime is possible for students with a free afternoon.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss what you are looking for, or to book a taster session (MALT Extract).


Normally my contact is with parents or carers for students under 18, but I am happy for A-level students to contact me, as long as their parents are happy with that, and are copied in.  I have a fully portable CRB certificate which I am happy to show to parents on request.  Parents are welcome to sit in on sessions, or to be in the vicinity, though the room does need to be quiet to make it easy to concentrate.  


Once a student is enrolled on a weekly MALT session, payment is expected monthly in advance, usually by bank transfer.  Credit will be allowed against the following month's payment for prearranged absences. 


I will not pass on your contact details to any other organisation.  In the case of a Blended MALT group, I may circulate information by email within the group, so the students will know each other's email addresses.


You are very welcome to get in touch by phone, text, or email to discuss availability of tuition, or to book MALT Extract.


Home Office Location

17 Richmond Crescent
Billingham TS23 2JP.
Home Office Location
17 Richmond Crescent
Billingham TS23 2JP.
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My tutoring sessions with Paul have greatly enhanced my mathematical ability. He approaches problems clearly and makes use of various methods to reach solutions.
Through his mentorship, my interest in the subject has intensified and I am now undertaking further mathematical education at university level. Paul offers a wide range of useful resources and I highly recommend his tutoring.
Matthew Lamont, Rothbury
With Paul's help I was able to reach my full potential in Maths; learning why methods work rather than solely being given them greatly improved my understanding. The lessons were well organised and any rough areas were dealt with to a high standard. Paul’s help allowed me to achieve an A* in both Maths and Further Maths, grades which were needed for me to enrol at the University of Bath for Mathematics. If you need any help with the subject, MALT is the first resource I would recommend!
Oliver Mason, Rothbury
For anybody studying/intending to study A-Level Further Maths, I could not recommend MALT enough. I received an A* in Maths and an A in Further Maths, largely owing to Mr. Wilson. Brilliant tuition, very organised, and passionate about teaching the subject.
Devasya Bhatia, Ingleby Barwick
I’d highly recommend Mr Wilson at MALT for maths tuition. With his help, I went on to study Maths & Statistics at Warwick University having received an A for both Maths and Further Maths A-Levels. He was very supportive, kind and approachable with a great knowledge of the subject - he readily provided support when required which was very much appreciated.
Helen Bigerstaff, Wolviston
Thinking Aloud/MALT